Artist in Focus - Matt Roseveare


Matt started taking photographs of nature when he was 10 years old on a family camera and ever since then, has grown to love nature and especially the wildlife within nature.

He won the British Wildlife Photography Award in the 12-18 year old category and is currently studying Marine and Natural History Photography.

His talent continues to grow by the week and he is undoubtedly destined to be regarded as one of the great photographers of the 21st century.


How would you describe your photography?

I’m obsessed with waking up really early and capturing fleeting scenes in nature that are full of atmosphere and really sum up the feel of a certain place.  I enjoy the challenge of combing landscape and wildlife photography to try and tell the story of where I live in the New Forest National park.


What do you aim to communicate through your photography?

In our digital world we’ve never been so disconnected with nature. Through my work I hope to inspire as many people as I can to appreciate wild places and the wildlife that lives there as they need our help now, more then ever.


Do you have a favourite piece of yours?

My favourite photograph is “On the Horizon” it was a moment where everything seemed to come together, the light , the mist , the deer , a scene I will never forget and completely sums up the New Forest to me.


What helps you focus whilst working?

When I’m out taking photos I’m normally waiting for long periods of time for fleeting moments, so removing all distractions is key.  A little game I play to keep me focused is trying to identify all the birds calling, this keeps the senses primed so I’m fit for anything to happen. 


Do you have other outlets/hobbies outside of your photography? 

I also love to make short films about wildlife, a similar medium to still photography but stories can be told in very different ways. I love the challenge of finding new ways to represent nature in a creative yet engaging way. 


What influence is the Coronavirus Crisis having on your work and how are you adapting?

It has given me time to go through old photographs that I never had time to edit and to my surprise I have found some I really like.  I’m also exploring the areas around me a lot more on my daily exercise and looking forward to photographing them once the lockdown restrictions have been lifted.  I have also had a chance to photograph completely new subjects like tiny beetles and caterpillars in my garden.


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