Series Spotlight - Modern Architecture by Andy Burgess

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Andy Burgess' work showcases his fascination with early Twentieth Century art movements such as Bauhaus and Russian Constructivism which both inspire his strong sense of graphic and architectural design.

His early work had visually strong links to American advertising and graphic design from the 1930’s to 1960’s with its witty typographic flourishes and stylish Art Deco influences. Burgess is a master at transforming familiar cities such as New York, Chicago and San Francisco into glittering mosaics of colour and compelling geometric cityscape collages.

Referring to Modern Architecture, Burgess says, “These great examples of modern architecture designed by the likes of Gropius, Loos and Breuer to name but a few, are still shocking and surprising today in their boldness and modernity almost 100 years after they were built.”

Andy Burgess continues to say that despite the huge impact of the early modern architecture, the innovative and subtle minimalist buildings that he is researching with their concrete and steel frames, flat roofs and glass walls, never became the dominant fashion of 20th century building so that the majority of houses are still built in a traditional and conservative way.

We encourage you to click here and view more of Andy's work on our website, where we showcase his illustrations and photography that both embody his love for modern architecture, fluid shapes and bold design. 

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