Be Inspired - Moment of Reflection


Creating a space that nurtures and encourages mindfulness will create a constant state of self-regulation which will allow us to face life’s challenges calmly, in control, and with perspective. Mindfulness requires a focus on and awareness in the present moment, making these photographs, still snapshots in time, the perfect medium to observe, without judgement, and achieve mindfulness.

With beautiful scenery and stunning mountainscapes, this collection includes a wide range of art to enhance focus, heighten senses and achieve mental peace. Featuring still and open seas reminiscent of an open and uncluttered mind, as well as clear waters to remind us to keep clarity of mind, this collection is both balanced and beautiful. From sunrays stretching through puffy clouds drifting across a wide sky to moody skies and dramatic shadows, from solitary trees to lush verdant forests, these peaceful prints are full of detail and texture to focus on without becoming overwhelming.

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