Be Inspired - Moments of Mindfulness


Mindfulness encourages silently acknowledging the present moment and your experiences of it rather than just letting it slip by. Life can often feel like a rush and practising mindfulness is an excellent way to slow down, become more appreciative, and even quiet a busy mind. It is meditative in a sense and can help reduce stress and increase self-awareness. It is paying attention on purpose, sitting silently and focusing on thoughts, sounds, and sensations and is useful for staying in touch with the world around you, which is why art can be such an excellent tool for practising mindfulness. 

This contemplative collection is full of interesting textures, calming colours, complex layers, and pretty patterns to focus and refocus on if your mind begins to wander. With plenty of pensive portraits to inspire interest and intrigue as well as motivational mantras to arouse and assist, these artworks offer a refuge from the rush and a distraction free focal point for any journey towards achieving mindfulness.  

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