Be Inspired - Mother


In the age of the oft misunderstood ‘strong female character’, where media deems strength as the stripping of all feminine traits, this collection pays homage to femininity in all its soft gentleness; femininity can be strength, femininity can be power. It’s so easy to view girlhood and femininity without nuance, as black or white, either weaponised or weakness.

Femininity is beautiful simply because it is. Featuring the female form, in all its smooth curvature and soft lines, feminine florals, dainty details, muted tones and pretty pastels. Celebrate womanhood in its vast and varied dimensionality. There is power in softness, there is strength in sweetness, there is toughness in nurturing.

Embrace girlhood. Embrace Mother Nature and spirituality. Embrace all that is soft and sweet about you.

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