Be Inspired - New Fashioned Nature


The modern style can often appear stark, clinical and soulless but this calming and cohesive collection maintains a warm and inviting atmosphere with these fashionable florals and stylish landscapes. Featuring the sleek and streamlined clean lines of the modern style alongside imperfections, asymmetry and rough textures, these organic prints add a depth to simplicity. 

This modern take on landscapes and florals breathes life into one of the most traditional subject matters. Whether muted and neutral tones, rustic and earthy colours or bold and vibrant brights, this harmonious fusion of modern and natural styles has a timelessness that remains fresh. From exotic to traditional, countryside to tropical, these varied florals and stunning sceneries are uplifting and energetic, striking and vivid, but never twee.

This fresh and revitalised collection has plenty of florals for spring that actually are groundbreaking.

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