Be Inspired - Plain Sailing


There is a long and rich history of boating art and the slightly more recent genre of yacht and sailboat painting is a perfect fusion of energetic sporting art and majestic marine and maritime art. Feel the exhilaration of the buffeting breeze in your sails, bask in the warm sun, taste the salt spray in the air, hear the chuckling churn and gurgle of your schooner cutting through the crystal clear water with this simultaneously dynamic and soothing collection. 

Including dramatic black and white contemporary photography and pretty pastel paintings by expert marine artists, this collection balances the revitalising rush and peaceful freedom of sailing. From fleet races to match races, including the iconic America’s cup, as well as at some of the most famous locations, from the Isle of Wight, to Scotland, to Rhode Island, and even including some of the most famous ships like HM Queen Elizabeth’s Yacht, this collection has everything for the sailing enthusiast. 

Put the wind back in your sails with this invigorating collection.

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