Series Spotlight - Pop Birds by Roy Woodard


Roy Woodard has had two separate and successful artistic careers under two names. Having gained a degree in graphic design, he started his career with commercial and technical illustration. He moved on from this highly disciplined, photo-realistic, and exact style of art to his own freer and more vibrant personal style of painting, using the surname Fairchild. He also experimented with and developed new method of serigraphy, a type of screen printing, allowing for richer and brighter colours and light.

This collection truly displays the unique cultivation of Woodard’s skills, balancing realistic birds with bright and vibrant colours as well as an uplifting freedom of style and detail.  Featuring bright budgerigars, parakeets and patterns, these quirky and notoriously playful birds are both fun and chic. In fact, they are a nostalgic take on his mother & aunties who all had budgies.  With incredibly fine decorative detail and pop-art-esque colours and framing, these bright birds will surely bring a smile to anybody's face.

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