Be Inspired - Pops of Purple


The trending colour of 2022 is purple. Not any old purple, but the perfect fusion of periwinkle and violet: a fresh, creative and whimsical colour that is both uplifting and warming. A colour that conjures up vibrant and happy thoughts, sparks curiosity and the need for whimsy and new possibilities.

In our latest curated series we have been inspired by this exact tone of 2022’s purple. A mixture of still lifes, full of texture, stand next to sweeping coastal seascapes that whisk you away. Whimsical Portraits and simple abstracts hold their own next to domineering and fresh surrealist landscapes.

This collection is a fun medley of different styles and mediums. Ideal as a way to inject a pop of vibrancy into an otherwise sophisticated colour scheme. Each piece connected to the next by the popular and interweaving purple. A colour we love and we’re sure to see dominate wall space in 2022 and beyond.

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