Be Inspired - Reclaimed by Nature


This verdant and dynamic collection is inspired by a Mosscore trend that imagines cities and urban landscapes reclaimed by Mother Nature, a crumbling world rebuilt by greenery. Wonder at the mysticism of life itself sprawling all around, here creating a kind of post-industrial wilderness, where nature itself has managed to not just survive but to thrive, with vines climbing up rubble, and nature swallowing skyscrapers and consuming concrete.

Admire these imagined worlds of post-apocalyptic beauty alongside the now-present urban geometry of forestscapes. Featuring swathes of rich greens and earthy browns, and scenes of unending forest that are dreamlike and ethereal, from lush landscapes to foggy forest views. With photography of forests and florals as well as scientific botanical sketches this sublime collection features rich and interesting textures, from plush mossy plains, to crackled dried bark, to geometric succulents.

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