Be Inspired - Sacred Spaces


A sacred space is a special place which enables a connection between the human world and the divine.  
It can be the grand focus of elaborate ritual and worship or a humble place of quiet contemplation
and meditation.  

Whether we have a faith or not all these spaces undoubtedly resonate with a heightened atmosphere which invites us all to pause and take a moment to reflect about the essential nature of our lives. 

Our Sacred Spaces collection takes you on a multi-faith journey that includes the ancient ruins of the temple of Karnak in Egypt, the sublime mosques of the middle east and the holy places of Jerusalem.  We explore sacred India with it’s shrines and temples to Buddhism and Hinduism and extraordinary masterpieces of Baroque sculpture and devotional Catholic art.  Our collection includes old master paintings, photography, graphic art, surface decoration and architecture. 

We are confident that you will find the perfect image to bring a sacred space to any of your projects.

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