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Art has a complicated and often controversial history of cultural diversity, from Japanese ukiyo-e prints inspiring and influencing van Gogh and, indeed, many artists of his era, to Picasso famously saying ‘good artists borrow, great artists steal’. In media and art representation is so important, especially considering that in 2023 we were still experiencing ‘firsts’ in terms of representation and inclusion.

Celebrate the beauty of diversity with this collection that is rich in history, depth, characters, and cultural identity. This collection features a wide variety of times and styles, from classic portraiture to Cubism, to Impressionism, to photography. These models and subjects are diverse in culture but each uniquely beautiful, paying homage to cultures and stories close to your heart. 

Fit culture and identity into your home. There are no rules, just expression with this collection we can see ourselves in, whether literally or not.

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