Be Inspired - Sixties Spin


The Sixties was a decade that was vastly varied for fashion and interiors and each subculture and style was just as iconic as the next. As young people had access to disposable income unlike any other young generation before them, the sixties was marked by a sense of independence, a personalised sense of style, and a kind of youthful exuberance. Expressive and often rebellious, with access to ‘Space Age’ technology and new man-made materials, the sixties style is experimental, playful and fundamentally fun.

Featuring iconic sixties styles like mismatched patterns and clashing colours, from the psychedelic to the geometric, these swinging prints are angular, elegant and theatrical. With boho-inspired warm and often earthy tones alongside Pop Art inspirations and a certain scandi-style sleekness, this groovy collection truly encapsulates the far-out fun of the 1960s.

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