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From the late 1870s a growing group of artists would gather in the northmost part of Denmark, in the quiet village of Skagen. This close-knit fishing village, away from the city and the restraints of formal artist education, offered a thriving, creative community, and a space to paint without restriction.

The Skagen Artists were influenced by both the French Impressionists and the Realist movement, however they opted to break away from rigid traditions to develop their own unique styles. Fishermen were a common subject amongst the artists, as was the simple, every day of their lives, the long stretches of beach and the evening ‘blue hour’ when the light merges the sea and the sky.

This collection brings together the work of many notable Skagen Artists such as Laurits Tuxen, Carl Locher, Holger Drachmann, Viggo Johansen, Oscar Björck, Christian Krohg and most notably, Anna and Michael Ancher. Explore the work of these artists, from Krohg’s portraits, Björck’s Fishermen, Locher's beach studies and Drachmann’s seascapes. Wonder at the way Anna Ancher captures the relationship between natural light and colour in her work and the classic, coastal figures her husband, Michael, paints in this sleepy but significant Skagen village.

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