Be Inspired - Southwestern Style


Southwestern style is a down-to-earth and rugged fusion of culture and histories from the American Southwest. From the handmade creations of the Indigenous peoples to the traditional architecture of Spanish colonisers to the ‘wild west’ utilitarian and simple style of the American cattle industry and missionary settlers, Southwestern style was cultivated by different groups throughout history all drawing the beauty and comfort out of a hot and sometime harsh environment. 

Feel the fiery sunsets and dry desert heat with this collection’s earthy and natural colour palette featuring terracotta, rust, sand, navy blue and succulent green. Full of earthy tones and earthy scenes, this collection includes rustic subject matters, from cattle to cacti. Featuring texture-rich geometric and graphic woven patterns evocative of the iconic textile craft of the Navajo and sepia-toned photography, this collection is an eclectic mix of all the hard work and handmade history that went into creating the warm and charming Southwestern style as we know it. 

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