Be Inspired - Tapestry Textiles


Tapestry textures are an interesting and engaging way to display both pretty patterns and historical scenes and can be used as an unexpected and cool tool to introduce both colour and texture to any space. This varied collection balances the classic styles of stately homes and museums with more contemporary Grandmillenial inspired styles, reworking the old to make it new. These plush prints add a richness to a space and, unlike a tapestry, don’t take up a whole wall!

From antiquey to classic, delicate to modern, this collection includes a wide range of tapestry textiles and traditional florals to suit any room, from Bayeux-inspired to blossoms and blooms. Featuring classic floral and foliage patterns and texture-rich traditional tapestries, including embroidery-esque elegance from classic chintz to brocade inspired prints, this cosy collection is full of personality and character.


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