Be Inspired - The American Indian


Marked in September, October and November each year, American Indian Heritage Day is a day to pay tribute to Native American history. It is a civil holiday and in 4 American States; Montana, Texas, Alabama and Maryland it is a state holiday.  It is a time to recognise the significant contributions to the United States and the rest of the world that include medicine, agriculture, music, art and spiritulism.

Our latest collection, an exceptional body of portraits, observes and highlights the people belonging to this rich culture.

With a special focus on the works by Edward S. Curtis, a photographer known for his work on the American West and Native Americans during the early 1900s. The North American Indian is a remarkable collection of imagery that celebrates the indigenous people and their traditions. 

As well as the photographic works by Curtis, this collection showcases a mix of traditional and contemporary artists, from paintings that document their journeys to minimalist pieces that pay homage to custom and tradition.

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