Be Inspired - The Night Sky


The night sky serves as a muse for artists, a subject of study for scientists, and a source of mystery and intrigue for countless others. Recently, the skies have dazzled us with natural phenomena such as the Great North American Eclipse and a rare, stunning display of the Northern Lights across the UK and Europe.

What is it about the night sky that has fascinated artists throughout time? Is it the profound beauty and sense of wonder it invokes, the rich palette that allows for exploration of light, shadow, and colour, or simply its compelling nature that ignites the imagination? From its limitless depths to the delights of its stars, moons, and planets, the night sky holds a timeless and universal appeal. It connects different cultures and people through a shared fascination with the cosmos.

Our latest collection embodies the vast array of interpretations that have emerged from capturing the skies in art. From iconic swirling artworks to meticulous studies of the moon, immerse yourself in our curated exploration of The Night Sky.

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