Be Inspired - The Palm Tree


At first look, Palms connote idyllic beaches and exotic islands, they transport you to paradise and stir up feelings of the ocean breeze and the sun upon your skin. However, palm trees are much more than a tropical escape, they have a powerful importance in many religions and cultures.

Symbolic of peace, fertility, balance and awakening, palms are considered to be the tree of life. In ancient Egypt the palm tree nectars were believed to keep the dead in an undead state and in many Asian cultures the Palm represents renewal and new beginnings. In Ancient Rome, the tree is one of the most common attributes of victory, assurance and happy returns. Even in our dreams they are symbolic, they encourage the dreamer to rise above conflict and achieve success in difficult times.

Our Palms collection, a celebration of the sacred Palm tree, is a perfectly curated selection of striking photography, vibrant typography, monotone prints and traditional illustrations. Each one celebrating the powerful importance and deep symbolism that the Palm tree represents.

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