Be Inspired - The Unexpected Red Theory


Coined by an interior designer on TikTok, the Unexpected Red Theory is a social media phenomenon, suggesting that a random injection of red in any room, whether big or small, can elevate any style or sensibility. Red has long been a statement colour, even so it is only growing in popularity, especially with the reintroduction of the colour at the forefront of the trend cycle. These unexpected accents of red can work so well by creating a sense of interest and intrigue; this colour clash adds a touch of imperfection, making a carefully cultivated room less stuffy and serious.

As a primary colour, red is either complementary or analogous to a lot of other colours so it is a bold but fundamentally accessible and versatile colour infusion. From urban geometry and modern photography to textural abstracts and traditional florals, this energetic collection of attention-grabbing prints are perfect for adding a pop of red to any aesthetic.

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