Series Spotlight - Tuscan Travels


Florian Schleinig is an artist with his camera, he captures the world with a unique eye through his story-telling photography. And travel is one of his greatest muses. We are delighted to showcase this charming collection of photographs from his adventure through Italy - in a campervan with his family. It is a beautiful and personal tale of his Italian adventure.

Driving through the rolling hills of Italy, he captures the vast, golden fields and traditional, classical architecture of this part of the country. From sprawling landscapes and charming buildings to intricate moments and details, Tuscan Travels is a snapshot of freedom and exploration.


Beautiful light weaves throughout this series that exudes beauty, history, and bygone moments. Let Tuscan Travels whisk you away to Italy itself, a country that offered the artist free rein on his creativity and resulted in a truly creative collection of photographs.

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