Be Inspired - Vintage Glam


We are in an age where pre-loved and vintage pieces are more popular than ever and this recent resurgence is excellent proof that true glamour never goes out of style. At a time when fashion was made to last more than one season, it allowed a certain timeless beauty and effortless elegance to prevail. With it girls and socialites, muses and icons, this decadent collection of leading ladies and vintage vixens oozes Old Hollywood and Golden Age glamour.

This dazzling collection includes a wide variety of classic glitz and glamour from black and white photography from the 50s to paintings honouring the roaring 20s. Reminiscent of film noir femme fatales and sultry singers in smoky jazz bars, bright young things and expats of the Lost Generation exploring sunnier climes, this collection pays homage to all the decadent glamour of years gone by. 

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