Artist in Focus - Virginia Kraljevic


Virginia Kraljevic is an American artist and illustrator. Her studies at the American University of Paris and Fordham University led to an array of experiences in publishing, fashion, digital media, and visual display, all of which helped define her signature style. Virginia's intricate pen and ink drawings are greatly inspired by fractals, earth science, space exploration, imaginary landscapes, and adventures in the ordinary world. Collaborations with brands such as Lacoste, Vans, Suzuki, Inkerman & Blunt Publishing, and West Elm have brought her work to life on everything from clothing, catalogues, and books to automobiles, office walls, and storefronts.


How would you describe your art? 

My work is centralized around fine lines expressed through whimsical, imaginary worlds.


Have you received any awards?

Yes, I have been honored to receive several awards throughout my school years and professional career. However, the most significant award one can earn is the one given to yourself every single day you work closer towards fulfilling your dreams and goals. Each day is a new opportunity to grow into and align with the person you set out to be. Our most valuable rewards can often manifest in unexpected ways such as joy, excitement, laughter, moments of serendipity, gratitude, unconditional love, and self-empowerment.


How do you feel when you work?

When I work, I feel like I could draw forever.  While in a state of flow, you can travel inward where time transcends — it can be quite meditative, therapeutic, and exhilarating.


Are you trying to communicate through your art, and if so what?

My intention is to uplift your spirit, even if just for a brief moment. With themes often revolving around love, positivity, puffy clouds, and florals, I aim to evoke a sense of calm and inspirational whimsy through my work.

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