Series Spotlight - Vishni Gopwani


The work of Vishni Gopwani encompasses many dualities. Born in India, Vishni has lived in Barbados since the age of 16. Her artistic output, both documentary style photographic studies and sensitive hand-drawn portraiture, presents a unique blend of Indian and Bajan Culture.

Vishni was born in 1958 in the Kutch region of India, where the low hills and dust coloured ridges provide a muted background for the brilliant clothing traditional to the Kutchie people. This chromatic diversity was to stay with Vishni after her departure from her homeland and subsequent settlement in Barbados.

Though nurtured by Bajan culture, Vishni remains strongly influenced by her vivid Indian up-bringing, resulting in an artistic output that is truly exceptional. Regularly visiting India, Vishni explores and documents the life of the nomadic and semi-nomadic tribes of her childhood. Filling their daily lives and bleak surroundings with vitality through the dynamic patterns and bright colours of their clothing, Vishni's high regard for the nomadic lifestyle is evident in her honest yet sympathetic portrayal of the gypsy girls, the men and women, and the elders who make up these unique communities.

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