Be Inspired - Western Gothic


Western Gothic, also known as Goth Cowboy or Y’allternative, breathes new life into timeless classics by turning to darker and more mysterious aesthetics like dark academia or whimsigoth, encapsulating both romance and a rugged spirit. Fusing the intricate textures and dramatic tone of the Gothic style with the charming rustic simplicity of Western to make a blended style that is simple, striking, and slightly eccentric.

A moody colour palette, which is key to a gothic vibe, is balanced with western motifs like cattle, cacti and canyons, as well as lassos, landscapes, and linework. A fundamentally functional style, often featuring distressed textures, Western is contrasted with the delicate, even fussy feel of gothic styles, a balance of leather and velvet, fringe and wrought iron. Maintaining the subdued and organic feel of Western style but elevating it with an almost haunting elegance, this combination aesthetic includes the best of spooky and sultry Gothic alongside the untamed spirit of Western.

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