Series Spotlight - Wonderful Wildlife by Staffan Widstrand


Staffan Widstrand is one of Sweden’s internationally most recognised photographers, drawn to ‘the wild wonders of the natural world’. His stunning photography reflects his passion for ‘conservation, wilderness, wildlife, rewilding, human dignity, tolerance and respect’.  

Full of foraging, fields and flowers, with sunny pastures of lazing livestock and untamed wildflowers, camouflaged creatures and cutesy critters, marvel at moments of peace amongst predators and prey. Featuring powerful perched birds, warriors with wings aspread, water birds and waders paddling through sun-dappled waters, little birds, hopping and chirruping across forest floors. Widstrand has even managed to capture the mathematically modelled occurrences of beauty in nature, with tessellations and geometry, concentric circles in chopped wood, striking symmetry in creatures and insects. 

Speaking of this collection that focuses on the importance of biodiversity, spanning Brazil to China, with Europe in-between, Staffan says "What you love, you will protect. But how can you be expected to love something you have never even seen? That is why I work with nature photography."

Wonder at the wildlife and wilderness all around us; for its beauty, for its innocence, for its purpose, for its necessity. 

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