Artist in Focus - Woodard & Woodard


Roy and Manny Woodard are a married couple with rich and varied careers and artistic ventures, from diagrams and illustrations, to short stories, sculptures, building works, and the more traditional painting and sketching, they are bursting with creativity and talent.

Roy’s personal art style is free and vibrant, even developing a new technique of serigraphy which allowed for richer and brighter colours. With a collection of bright birds and budgerigars and summery swimmers and sunbathers, Roy’s work often has a bokeh like quality; his paintings often have the blur of a hot sunny day and the hazy softness of nostalgic memory. 

Manny’s drawings and sketches are more defined. An expression of herself, Manny’s art is soulful and subtle and depicts ordinary people in a single moment of time. She manages to express intense emotion in a very simple medium, welcoming any mistakes as she believes they make her works more open and honest. 

Just as Manny and Roy support each other in their lives and careers, their art supports each other too. Roy’s blown out brights perfectly compliment Manny’s moving monochrome and their shared intentional and emotive imprecision work together to create a balanced and expressive collection. 

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