Be Inspired - World Mental Health Day


Celebrated in over 100 countries, World Mental Health Day was created to raise public awareness about mental health issues worldwide. The World Health Organisation defined ‘mental health’ as a state of wellbeing that allows someone to cope with the stresses and pressures of normal, everyday life. One out of every four people in the world will suffer from mental health issues in their lifetime and one in eight people are suffering right now. Since World Mental Health Day was first celebrated in 1992, awareness has made leaps and bounds but we still have a long way to go to help support our loved ones, ourselves, and anyone struggling with their mental health. Awareness is not enough; we must take action.

This year’s theme is ‘mental health is a universal human right’. All people have a right to protection from the risks of poor mental health, have a right to independence and inclusion, and a right to available, accessible, and good quality care. The home is a place of protection and safety, a respite from outside pressures and a place to express our true selves which is why there are evidence based strategies to optimise living spaces to promote and better physical and mental health.

Certain shapes and colours help as well as biophilic design and bringing in natural elements can create a soothing space and affect moods. Remind yourself of positive coping mechanisms, from healthy hobbies to serene scenery to pet portraiture. Sustain self-care with mindful mantras and reassuring affirmations. Make your world a brighter place with these positive prints.

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