Series Spotlight - Written in the Stars


Some believe love is fated, it’s written in the stars, or, more accurately in the star signs. By looking at signs of the Western zodiac you can predict the romantic compatibility of you and your beau. Whether you’re more interested in synastry or simply sun signs, you can use the zodiac to discover if a romantic partner’s star sign complements yours, balances yours or even elevates yours. You may need passion and intensity over stability and practicality or you may suit someone who is sociable and communicative instead of sensitive and sentimental. You can find an earth sign to keep you grounded or a fire sign to reignite that spark, an air sign to fill up the room or a water sign to soothe. 

Whether you like star signs and horoscopes for the predictability, relatability, or just as a bit of fun, this celestial collection is perfect for the star-crossed lovers and astrological aficionados alike. 

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