Be Inspired - Zingy Zoomers


Generation Z grew up in a time of unprecedented connectivity, a time of online communities and instant access to information; with technology always within reach, they are the true digital natives. Despite the trend cycle only speeding up, many zoomers are far more concerned with an unabashed expression of individual identity beyond microtrends and overconsumption. With a multitude of subcultures and aesthetics there’s something to suit every Gen Z-er’s authentic expression, from ‘cottagecore’ to ‘Y2K’, ‘dark academia’ to ‘coconut girl’, ‘kidcore’ to ‘coastal grandmother’.

Featuring modern nostalgia like classic 80s and 90s graphic design and new neon, and organic digital like techy but tactile textures and vibrant bright colours. Including prints for the plant parents, the intrepid travellers, the forward-thinking fashionistas and many more. Generation Z is now the largest generation in the world and this energetic collection has something for everyone.

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