Series Spotlight - Zoe Badger


Zoe Badger’s contemporary linocut prints are a cheery collection of pattern and perfectly balanced layers and colour. Lino printing involves cutting a negative into a piece of linoleum which is then inked and printed. As a soft material with a tough surface and without the grain of wood, lino printing allows for cleaner lines and smoother gentler curves, which is evident in Badger’s sculptural yet organic printing style. She often uses the reduction linocut technique, where the entire print is made using the same one block of linoleum, cutting away more lino to add another layer of colour.

Badger frequently prints natural scenes, particularly landscapes, florals and potted plants, including ones based on sketches of her garden. She uses colours as vivid and fresh as her natural subject matter, whether monochromatic, tonal, or complimentary, from the verdant and naturalistic to the striking and abstract.

This charming giclée collection is both simple and standout, full of depth and texture as well as bright and bold block colours. 

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