Introducing Abstraction, an exploration of texture, pattern and composition. A deep dive into the mind of abstract artists and a journey of colour, style and mood.

Our latest look book shares enduring trends from the world of abstract art, including traditional and iconic names such as Paul Klee and Sophie Taeuber-Arp to intriguing and unique pieces by a variety of contemporary artists. Either way, we aim to encourage expressive and eclectic art that stands out and instantly infuses vibrancy, personality and happiness into interiors.

Our first rule of abstract art: do not follow the crowd. Find a piece that calls to you. Rosenstiels have carefully curated a collection that celebrates individuality. By including a wide ranging colour palette we have opened up the ability to choose art that will complement any current decor and style. From contrasting block colours and neutral, softer shades to paintings injected with colour, to long-lasting black, white and greys.

Choosing abstract art is all about finding something that feels personal - do not be afraid of mixing and matching colour and style. That is the wonder of abstract art - it can be both independent or displayed alongside contemporary and classic art.

Now is the time for bold. For imposing and empowering statement pieces and art that truly sings to you. Now is the time for Abstraction.

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